I am a Ph.D. student at INRIA's PROSECCO lab, where I focus on applied cryptography and formal verification. I also ride a blue Vespa. Before deciding that I'd like to have an academic career, I was focused on open source software development. Before that, I was a reckless young activist. The most unifying theme of my life has been a great functional, intellectual and aesthetic love for computers. I have lived in Beirut for eighteen years, in Montréal for five and currently reside in Paris.


miniLock, Cryptocat, Bluenote

Teaching Material

Cours de Cryptographie


FLEXTLS: A Tool for Testing TLS Implementations (with B. Beurdouche, A. Delignat-Lavaud, A. Pironti, K. Bhargavan), USENIX WOOT, 2015.

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