I do research in applied cryptography more specifically and computer security more generally. I am an adjunct professor at NYU Paris and direct Symbolic Software, an applied cryptography consulting and software firm. I am slated to defend my Ph.D. thesis (completed at INRIA's PROSECCO lab and accredited by ENS Paris) in Fall 2018.


Symbolic Software is a company focused on modern insight into cryptographic systems. As its director, I manage a small team that offers security audits, cryptographic protocol design and formal verification services. We recently released Noise Explorer, an online engine for reasoning about and formally verifying Noise-based cryptographic protocols.



Cryptocat, the first web-based secure messenger with end-to-end encryption. Infamous for security bugs during its early days, it eventually became the first secure messenger implementing a formally verified protocol (see EuroS&P 2017 paper below.)


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